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Lawn Care - Fertilizer & Weed Control Program

Lawn care is important, as proper balanced nutrition is vital for plant and lawn health. To maintain a healthy turf, a balanced amount of nutrients must be available and fertilizers help supply nutrients to the lawn.

A turf fertilization program will improve the ability of grass plants to grow more densely, and to help resist insect pests and diseases. Improving fertility of the soil also makes the turf able to compete successfully with weeds, thus, adding to your curb appeal.

Turf Tec - Your Local Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control Experts

Let our professional lawn technicians help you achieve a healthy, green turf by using our proven granular fertilizer and weed control program. Our program consists of 5 applications applied throughout the season, timed at proper intervals to ensure a healthy green turf all season long.

Our 5 Phase Fertilization and Weed Control Program for Lawns

Balanced granular turf fertilizer and pre-emergent crabgrass control.

Balanced granular turf fertilizer and weed control.

Balanced granular turf fertilizer and spot treat weed control. Surface insect control applied only if necessary.

FALL APPLICATION (August 4 - October 1)
Balanced granular turf fertilizer and weed control. 

LATE FALL APPLICATION (October 1 - December 1)
Heavy rate balanced granular turf fertilizer for winter hardiness. 

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Optional Lawn Services

Grub Control

It’s expensive to replace your lawn, so don’t let grubs damage yours. Protect your lawn with our Preventative Grub Control treatment. This annual, one-time application is applied in late summer (August) and will kill the grub larvae before it is able to damage the root system of your lawn. 

European Crane Fly

A new invasive insect to the area, which damages the crown of the grass plant. Let our methods take care of this insect so that it does not destroy your lawn

Core Aeration

An important cultural practice available to your lawn is Core Aeration. Aeration is accomplished with a machine that removes thousands of small cores (1"-3") of dirt from your lawn. This allows both water and fertilizer to get to the root zone of the grass plants.

Aeration also creates new growth pockets for new roots and it also helps in the decomposition of thatch. Service to be provided between September and November, weather permitting. Click for additional information

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