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Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of working with Turf Tec is that Turf Tec employees perform all irrigation work in house. Having Turf Tec coordinate grading, landscaping, seeding and irrigation saves our customers time and money and allows our clients to make one call if any concerns arise.

Complete Irrigation System Installation and Service Throughout Western New York

  1. Custom design of all irrigation systems (Computer Aided Design)
  2. Installation by Turf Tec employees
  3. We service all makes of existing irrigation systems
  4. Additions and repairs to existing irrigation and lawn sprinkler systems

Irrigation Systems - Lawn Sprinklers

Professional Seasonal Irrigation System Preparation Ensures Optimum Operation

It is always recommended to have a thorough start up inspection of your irrigation or lawn sprinkler system prior to using it for the spring and summer seasons. Shutting down your irrigation system correctly to avoid costly damage from freezing is also very important. Our irrigation system services include:

Spring Opening:

  1. Performance inspection of valves and sprinkler heads
  2. Run a system check on irrigation coverage
  3. Make adjustments, as needed
  4. Clear grass around sprinkler heads, as needed
  5. Reprogram irrigation controller


  1. Shut off water supply to system
  2. Blow out water lines to system
  3. Reprogram irrigation controller
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