Landscape Maintenance Keeps Your Outdoor Areas Looking Great​

Because landscaping is exposed to weather which will vary from hot to cold extremes, and contains living components such as turfgrass, trees, plants and shrubs, it is very important that the landscaping get the proper maintenance to keep it looking new and keep plant material healthy. Turf Tec offer expert landscape maintenance for residential and commercial customers, and will be glad to work with you to create recurring maintenance plan, or simply take care of a one time issue. Lawn Mowing, tree and shrub trimming and pruning, edging, spring clean-ups, fall leaf clean-ups,...whatever your outdoor areas need, we can take care of quickly and affordably.

Bed Maintenance

Landscape bed maintenance can be defined as the general upkeep of your planting beds; basic weeding, dividing of perennials as needed, pinching flowers back after blooming occurs and maintaining a defined edge between lawn space and beds. Bed maintenance can include repair to edging materials that have been pushed out of the ground due to freeze and thaw conditions common in our area. Bed maintenance can be done at your home or business as often as you need, whether it's every other week, once a month or just twice a season.

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Professional Landscape Installation Makes All the Difference​

Once a landscape design plan has been finalized, we'll utilize the latest environmentally friendly techniques and professional grade equipment to install your landscaping features quickly and efficiently, taking care to make as little disturbance as possible to the areas adjacent to our actual work site, and making sure to remove any debris from the construction process at the end of the job.

Landscape Design - Installation - Maintenance

The Turf Tec landscape design team can do more than just draw up a landscape plan for plants and trees; they can create a landscaping plan for your entire property.​

Whether we're designing a plan and layout for plants, flower beds, trees and shrubs, a water feature, a paver / interlocking brick patio or driveway, or a complete landscaping plan incorporating numerous features, you can trust that we will work hard to create a unique, attractive and functional design.

First, we'll listen closely to your landscape desires, needs, personal tastes, maintenance preferences, and wishes. Then, we'll complete a landscape assessment of the property where we determine sunlight variances, soil health and quality, and locate any areas with special needs such as areas with erosion issues. Next, if necessary, we complete a detailed drawing of a design plan architected to the fullest detail. And last, we walk you through the design plan to help assure your satisfaction.

By making a design plan the first step in the creation or remodeling of your landscape, you will save valuable time and money in the long-run. Our floriculture experts can guide you in the proper environmental placement and care of your plants, trees, and shrubbery. From the very start we maximize the healthy establishment of your plants to reduce replacement in the future.

With our experience and expertise in the field of landscape construction, our design team can also guide you during the design process of your hardscaping, landscape lighting, irrigation system, and other permanent structures by introducing you to a variety of building materials and products that will help you to obtain the outdoor living spaces, hardscape features, and other outdoor constructed areas and features that will fall into your established budget and your long-term maintenance needs.