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Miscellaneous Services

Professional Landscape Services
Beautifully Designed Landscapes & Outdoor Living Spaces

Lawn Renovation

Is your lawn not up to par with your neighbor’s? Turf Tec can get it into shape. We can remove that thatch layer, strip the entire lawn and reseed or slit seed the lawn to introduce the new disease and insect resistant seeds. Turf Tec has the expertise to suggest what is best for your lawn.

Perimeter Pest Control

Help reduce spiders and other insects from entering your home with our perimeter pest control applications. Our program consists of 3 applications timed throughout the summer season. We spray the exterior foundation of your house and out approximately 3 feet for the best control of those annoying pests.

Bee and Wasp Treatments

Bees and wasps can be dangerous to you and your family. Let Turf Tec take care of those dangerous nests for you. We can treat most nests on the exterior of your home so you can avoid those painful stings.