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Seeding and sod installation are both excellent ways to establish a lawn for new home or business construction or areas that have recently been graded for lawn renovation.

The main difference between seeding and sodding is the time necessary for developing a mature or durable turf. Sodding is transplanting mature turf that has been grown offsite. Seeding develops turf grass directly at the site where it is needed.

Turf Tec offers several seeding and sod options, applied or installed by our turf grass experts quickly and affordably. We're experts at creating lawns that survive and thrive in the unique Western New York sunlight, water, and weather conditions.


Hydroseeding is a sought after method of seeding where you mix seed, fertilizer, mulch and amendments into a slurry and spray onto prepared soil. Hydro-seeding reduces erosion, helps keep seed in place and helps reduce dust around your property. Turf Tec uses only improved, disease and insect resistant grass seed resulting in a healthier lawn for years to come. Add our fertilization program after the hydro-seed and your lawn will be green and weed free all season.

Broadcast Seeding

If you're on a budget to seed your lawn, then broadcast seeding is an excellent choice. Using a rotary spreader, we can spread high quality, disease and insect resistant grass seed to your yard and rake it into the soil.

Sod InstallationDo you want or need an instant lawn that can be installed in a single day? By using sod, you can have that! An all bluegrass mix, will give you a dark green color that you are looking for instantly.

Whether You Choose Seeding or Sodding, Turf Tec is Your Top Choice for Installation

Seeding & Sod - New Lawn Installation