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Your trees and shrubs are a visually appealing component of your landscaping, and they're a valuable investment that require proper care and maintenance in order to stay healthy and looking their best. Turf Tec provides an application program to keep invasive insects and diseases that could harm your valuable trees and shrubs under control. Add this along with our lawn fertilization program to maintain a healthy landscape.

Our Five Phase Tree and Shrub Care Program Includes:

Spring Application 
(March 15-April 30)
Dormant Oil applied to control over wintering insects and eggs, such as Scale. 

Early Summer Application 
(May 1-May 30)
Insect and Disease Control applied to control such insects as tent caterpillars, pine sawfly and cankerworms. Also to minimize disease damage such as apple scab and leaf spot.

Summer Application 
(June 1-June 30)
Insect and Disease Control applied to control such insects as aphids, leaf miners, borers, cottony maple scale, and leaf beetles. Also to continue minimizing leaf spot diseases.

Late Summer Application 
(July 1- July 31)
Insect and Disease Control applied to control such insects as spider mites, scale, web-worms, lace bugs and other late season insects.

Fall Application 
(October 15-November 30)
Fall Fertilization containing a heavy amount of slow released nutrients

We Provide Expert Tree and Shrub Care Throughout Western New York

Optional Tree & Shrub Services

Deer and Rabbit Control

Let us protect your landscape from deer and rabbits feeding on your trees and shrubs. Our one application applied in the fall will protect your landscape all winter long.

Ash Borer Treatment

Let us protect your ash trees with this injection application. This application will help prevent the ash borer from damaging the vascular system of the ash tree.